First Resources


First Resources opened its doors in September 1987 as a not-for-profit agency serving people with disabilities in a sheltered workshop setting. Since that time, we have expanded our services to a wide variety of human service programs. The chronology that follows is indicative of our commitment and mission to serve children, families, and people with disabilities.

On a cold winterly month of January 1987, we opened an 8-person RCF-MR home in Sigourney, IA which was commonly known at the time as the Burdette Bunce Home. Over the years, we added many more homes serving members with intellectual disabilities who require 24 hour supervision but chose to live in a community rather than an institutional setting. Currently, FRC has over twenty of these sites located in Sigourney, Ottumwa, Bloomfield, Keokuk, and Burlington.

Our Family and Children Services program was initiated in April 1988 concurrently with in-home family counseling services. The Behavioral Services program, which included Remedial and Community Supported Services, would be started in the years following. Over the next three decades, FRC would add other services such as Life Skills, Tracking, Substance Abuse, and SCL. Community based services continued to grow and increase over time. Mental Health Services were expanded over time, allowing our clients ease of access to supplemental services such as therapy and counseling.

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