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Integrated Health Home (IHH):

First Resource’s Integrated Health Home services is a care coordination service that partners with adult individuals served, their family, and their support team.

What is Integrated Health Home?

IHH is a wraparound service that brings together providers, resources, services, and supports to help the individual achieve overall wellness and independence. This is done by providing a person-centered approach that focuses on each individual’s strengths and their goals.


IHH empowers individuals by providing

  • support

  • advocacy

  • linkage to resources

  • health promotion


IHH services are completely voluntary.


​IHH services include but not limited to:

  • Access to a team of a Care Coordinator, Nurse, and Peer Support Specialist

  • Develop goals & receive support to achieve those goals

  • Promote wellness & recovery

  • Connection to resources, services, & social supports

  • Chronic condition education, support, & advocacy

  • Crisis Planning Support

  • Preventative care support & education

  • Assistance with establishing services

  • Medication reconciliation support

Inquiring and Referrals:

Inquiring about IHH is simple, choose from one of the following options:


After the referral is submitted:

  • IHH will contact the client  within a few business days to discuss IHH services and if they are the right fit for the client.

  • From there IHH will schedule an in-person meeting to complete the intake.

  • After the intake meeting the next step is meeting in-person with IHH to get to know the client more and to develop personal goals.

  • IHH will make contact with the referred person either in-person or by phone at least monthly but more frequently as the client prefers.



Applicants must meet certain criteria to apply. 

  • Have full Medicaid benefits

  • Been diagnosed with a chronic mental illness

  • Be 18 years or older

  • Individuals seeking HCBS Habilitation Services must be enrolled into an IHH.

Participants must reside in one of the following counties:

  • Des Moines

  • Henry

  • Jefferson

  • Lee

  • Van Buren

  • Wapello

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